People Pleasing

…And on your quest of pleasing people, do not grieve your Creator.



Daily Prompt: Disobey


via Daily Prompt: Disobey cultural norms that inhibit your ability to grow and develop into the person you’d like to be. Everything that disturbs your mental peace and your freedom. All the rules of life that force you to conform. The advise of your family and friends that you silently disagree with. Biological clock be damned if it means having to marry a person for the sake of reproducing. Kids should be the fruits and gifts of your love not the goal of your marriage. Courageous woman live your life as you’ve pictured it. Build your destiny instead of stumbling into it.



Preserving Personal Sanity

One way of preserving personal mental health is by accepting things as they are. I have learned that feeling and experiencing things without the expectations or desire to change them, elevated one to certain state of mental peace. This applies to our personal relationships, our work, our ambitions, and everything else we feel strongly about.

The desire to change people is deeply rooted in our personal insecurities. So instead of changing ourselves, we try to change those around us. We blame all that is unpleasant on our surroundings and relationships. If we could instead re-direct our focus and energy inwardly, we would realize that we don’t have the time or energy left to put emphasis in the faults of others.

When we direct our energy towards enhancing ourselves, we are capable of finding peace in the midst of chaos. Not to mention the beautiful harmony that comes along with allowing people be. So work on becoming all the things you like to see in the world and in others and live a magnificent life.